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Our Story

Over 2 years ago, we set out on a journey to resolve a common concern in the wine industry. We decided that perfect wine temperature should not only be reserved for the extremely patient, but instead, it required an innovative and superior solution to this problem. We began testing concepts, collaborating with electrical and mechanical engineers, and crunching the numbers to learn more about the laws of thermodynamics. Now we are excited to share our product with wine lovers across the world and need your help to get us to production. Please join us on our quest to redefine the way we drink wine.

Brief Introduction

The Cryos Wine Chiller is the world’s first and only instant wine chiller. Many have tried but all have failed. The wrong wine temperature can ruin any wine drinking experience. We have come up with a patented design and system that delivers wine at the desired temperature- on demand.

Where to Buy

The Cryos Wine Chiller will be available on Kickstarter on January 26th, 2016. The first 150 backers will be able to purchase The Cryos Wine Chiller for $99. There will be several other price options that are below the retail price of $299 as well once the first 150 units are sold. You can sign up at www.CryosWineChiller.com to be notified before the launch on Kickstarter with the simple instructions detailing how to be a backer and get your very own Cryos Wine Chiller.


Product Images

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