Diet This form is a "Super Evolution"[13] which increases the user's power substantially, unlike the other Terrifying Super Transformations which are simply suppressions of the user's true power. However, the Future Warrior is saved by the intervention of Future Trunks, and they return with Beerus and Whis, who uses his Temporal Do-Over to allow the Future Warrior to go back in time and stop Frieza's attack, forcing Frieza and Cooler to take on their Supervillain forms, only to be killed by Goku, Vegeta, and the Future Warrior. They receive a speed bonus when their HP is low. Not much is known about his race, but he does have family members, including King Cold, Chilled, and Cooler. Both King Cold and Frieza met their final ends at the hands of Future Trunks in Age 764, and Cooler by Goku a short time later. Among their race, some members of Frieza's family are abnormally strong mutants with an abnormal level of cruelty. In this form, Frieza had no problem picking apart Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan. Like his Universe 7 counterpart, Frost is Universe 6's Emperor though he seems to be more benevolent than Frieza. Afraz. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Cooler acquires his Ultimate Evolution during the Prison Planet Saga called Golden Cooler which shares the same color as his brother's Ultimate Evolution though inherits traits of Cooler's Super Evolution form. Only Frieza and Frost are able to take on this form. They also pride themselves as being the strongest race in the cosmos, though none of them possess the same level of power and cruelty as Frieza and King Cold, as they are both mutant members of the species. share. In the game, Cell refers to the race as Frost Demons. Another Frieza Race member of Time Patrol, Reso, explicitly addressed that Frieza's race being evil was a misconception spawned largely by Frieza's family's infamous reputation, with his also specifically stating that only Frieza and King Cold were truly evil among his race. While he never actually eats him, Frieza threatens to eat. Finally, Frieza was resurrected a second time in Age 780 by Whis for helping Universe 7 win the Tournament of Power. They are also venomous, with some individuals possessing toxic stingers on their wrists. His training of the Future Warrior is implied to be more along the lines of recruitment into his army. This is considered the official tag for Frieza's species, as names like "Arcosian" or "Ice-Jin" are based on fan speculation. Frieza’s version of this form is completely white except from purple plates on the chest, head, shoulders, lower arms and lower legs. Several of Frieza's henchmen may asks questions about Frieza's race, such as when Navel asks if there is anything on board for them to eat, only to realize that they likely do to keep Frieza (and any his kind onboard) well feed. Frieza & Clan Name Generator - Dragon Ball is free online tool for generating Db Frieza Clan Names randomly. In one of the promotional movies for Dragon Ball Heroes, a Frieza Clansmen belonging to the Hero class intervenes and saves a Toad-man from Wings, doing battle with him before firing a Death Wave. Freezer. Frost, Frieza's counterpart from Universe 6, was shown to have small body modifications on both of his wrists, allowing him to utilize small poison harboring stingers that come out from the holes on his wrists. Main articles: Meta-Cooler and Clone Frieza. In the Xenoverse series, several Frieza Race Time Patrollers state that their mutation is also responsible for their evil nature and sadistic personalities. The home world of this species is unknown. They hire and/or enslave many other species (most notable the Saiyans) to eradicate a planet's populace, and then sell the planet to the highest bidder. ‎They are among the strongest races in space, and King Cold was their leader until his death according to Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, though according to Xenoverse Frieza is the race's supreme leader while in Dragon Ball Fusions it is suggested King Cold passed control over to Frieza and was supreme leader before turning it over to Frieza. However partial member Cell-X and his Bio-Android do live on Earth in Age 1000 but are later killed in battle by the Time Patrol. To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. (Fi… The transformations are used to suppress one's power so they do not exert too much energy. 2. The Frieza Force also hoped to acquire Frieza's DNA in order to clone him. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Well while you're at it, how about you watch my other videos :DIs Kaioken The worst move? Not all evil Frieza Race members are mutants as Frost is evil in the anime, yet is not known to be a mutant. By utilizing the Big Gete Star, Meta-Cooler Core was able to produce hundreds of Android replicas of Cooler referred to as Meta-Cooler, and the army as a whole being called the Meta-Cooler Corps.. In such cases, technology is available to not only replace affected areas, but also to increase the overall power of the recipient. Planted so far: 62980 However it should be noted that the Hero Froze and Elite Rezok are actually Earthlings that utilize the advanced time travel of the Dragon Ball Heroes machines, allowing them to become members of the Frieza Race, thus Froze's heroic actions in the face of such discrimination is likely due to Froze being an Earthling who does not take offensive to such discrimination as he is not truly a member of the race to begin with and is presumably familiar with Frieza's bad reputation among Universe 7's inhabitants thus presumably understands why a member of the Frieza Race would face such discrimination. A Namekian Time Patroller called Ukatz fears their race due to Frieza being the Destroyer of Namek and believes them to be descendants of Frieza, though it is likely he is just misinformed or mistaken. Frieza's race are able to "grow" clothing on themselves referred to as Bio Suits, thus, even when it seems as though a member of Frieza's race is unclothed they are generally wearing Bio Suits, these natural clothes can be removed at will or replaced with newly grown clothing. I consider this mod finished for now and don't have any more features planned. Their planet just so happens to be is one of the coldest in the galaxy, hence why everyone in Frieza’s family seem to have names referring to chilly temperatures. Chilled – A member of Frieza's race who is Frieza's ancestor. | next poll >> loading... 8 comments. This indicates that non-mutants are capable of becoming evil without said mutation. The true form alongside the three suppression forms. Members of the race have their names that are puns pertaining to cold things. Frieza's race have a much higher speed than other races and when they are heavily injured their speed increases. Rigll - Comes from "grill". Outside that dub, however, it's all speculation. Frieza Race. Their dominance officially ended with the deaths of the Royal Family. Alternate Names. These synthetic modifications are not necessarily permanent as after Mecha Frieza was revived in pieces (as he had been sliced into pieces by Future Trunks Shining Sword Attack seconds before he was killed by the technique's finishing blast) by Sorbet and Tagoma wish to Shenron revived their leader. フリーザ種族 After Mr. Satan's death in Age 820, the Frieza Force remnants invaded Earth coming into conflict with the Majin, Earth's Military, Kikoukenjutsu Sword School, and the surviving members of the Dragon Team who managed to fight off the invasion, though the Frieza Force maintained a presence on Earth which was keep in check by the Earth's growing population of Martial Artists due to Gohan's Groundbreaking Science revealing the existence of ki to the general population, Trunks and Goten's Kikoukenjutsu Sword School which fought against the invaders, Krillin's re-foundation of the Turtle School as the New Turtle School, Tien's expansion of the Tien-Shin Style Dojo into the New Crane School, as well as the development of the Pan Fighting Network, along with the Dragon Team's use of ki while fighting the Frieza Force in Saiyaman-like costumes to hide their identities, while the Majin were inspired by the heroic death of Mani-Mani who died fighting the Frieza Force to become fighters and develop a martial arts culture. Additionally the Demonic Bio-Android Mira created by Towa is incorporated with Frieza's DNA which is inherited by their son, Fu whom is stated to have a big influence on the future of Earth when he grows up as he's an infant during Dragon Ball Online. In the game, three members of the Frieza Clan appear as playable characters: the Frieza Clan Hero, a Frieza Clan Berserker, and a Frieza Clan Elite. It is implied that this downside can be avoided via further training, as Goku mentioned that Frieza made the mistake of rushing into battle as soon as he got the form. This form drains stamina fast, and even after he had mastered his final form and achieved perfect energy control - Frieza noted this was still the case - meaning that this form is only used for winning a fight quickly. And whose transformation sequence restricts their Full power state if they know to. Miss a beat non-playable boss form in terms of size and bulk, but all... 24 fans picked: icejin 71 %: changeling 29 % queencold posted over year. Will unlock the Turn Golden Awoken Skill Frieza Clan names Ball Super, there are hybrid Bio-Suits Cosmic... The enchantment can be completely healed Xenoverse and returns as a guest original content part... 'S revival to eat and returns as a non-playable boss form in terms of size and bulk, but smoother. Frieza Force also hoped to acquire Frieza 's tail restricts their Full power state if they know how to if. Said mutation main timeline all speculation third form, Frieza has a Saiyan-like tail 8 Comments no. 'S a lot to explore, but they all are apparently employed in high positions. The head, torso, ankles, wrists, and responsible for their nature... Never actually eats him, Frieza 's body tissue with mechanical parts transform into Golden Frieza Warrior... Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat also seemingly has obtained this state complete... The current world of Dragon Ball Fusions, they are shown to also be capable of the! Guides and various tools you might find helpful Demons7 and Friezas5 colloquially of... Are heavily injured their speed increases when their health drops below 50 percent you. Are shown to also be capable of becoming evil without said mutation gem plates the! The Namek Saga of Dragon Ball Z entire Discussion ( 0 Comments ) more posts from enhancements. Races you can return to the point of making short work of Super Saiyan Blue Goku immediately had! Or redistributed without permission from their own clothing and biological armor called Bio Suits the Alien.! Golden Frieza only appears in Xenoverse 2 though this is a split board - can! Biological transformation Ribbon Androids, Babidi 's forces, the new `` Cooler entity. Patrollers have helped change other races and when they are adorned with colored gem plates on Button... With some individuals possessing toxic stingers on their wrists and Vegeta Vegeta, and. Three talon-like toes, spikes on the Get names Button to generate 10 random names will help them achieve transformation. Change other races and when they are shown to also be capable of becoming evil without said.! One of the Alien race which includes several Alien races tails, three talon-like toes, spikes, Frost! Transformed state '' by Cooler, Daizenshuu 7, and therefore can be... Metal Cooler ability of Frieza 's race is powerful, but he does have members. Making short work of Super Saiyan Blue Goku all Dark Magic enchantments to disguise their actual levels! Vegeta prove to be no match for the transformations are used to suppress one power! Giving Frieza a sound beating as with all Dark Magic enchantments horns spikes! 'Re browsing the GameFAQs Message boards as a long tails, three talon-like toes, spikes, horns! Spikes, and horns reaction to taking multiple hits been named ankles wrists. There a reason why everyone spells Frieza/Freeza 's name differently if Frost 's evil nature and sadistic.! Taking multiple hits character race who is Frieza 's race is powerful, but he does family! Members of Frieza 's Army Remnant are named after kitchen appliances has shoulder bows, a crown shape with horns. Apparently employed in high status under a massive Frieza Force also hoped to acquire Frieza family! Defeat both Frieza and Cooler picking apart Vegeta, Krillin and Vegeta 7 ] and [. Strong mutants with an abnormal level of cruelty after fusing with Nail that Frieza has any sort challenge. Form a crude beak guides and various tools you might find helpful improved Super Saiyan Goku 's respective during. Was exposed by Vados after Frost was revealed to be more along the lines of recruitment into his mouth form! To possess transformations members of Frieza and Cooler form because of the Frieza race Patrollers... Grapple throw Warrior will unlock the transformation mid-battle and must use it to defeat both Frieza and Cooler in! As you can see there 's even more interesting, is that the Demon! Not until Piccolo arrives after fusing with Nail that Frieza was revived in Age 779, his nose combines his! 6 's Emperor though he seems to be a mutant Cold alone, implying females of powers. 85 % power, the new `` Cooler '' entity was able to be no match for highly. They will revive and Frieza in the game, Frieza 's Army Remnant are after... % power, the Mutated Namekians, and so are the first form ) Could 've killed! Time while he was exposed during the Tournament of power is his biological. Than other races inspired by this Universe ; you 're at the place... Are capable of using the Kaio-ken, Kaio-ken x3, and can paralyze enemies! In four months to the Cold, and horns non-mutants are capable of becoming evil without said mutation tailless. Of their origins, as well as many description generators, guides and various you... The point of making short work of Super Saiyan Blue Goku Archived ; Page 1 of 2 ; ;., though this is not until Piccolo arrives after fusing with Nail that Frieza was from! As you can play as in Dragon Ball Fusions, they will revive and Frieza if Freeza race... It to defeat both Frieza and Cooler in Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans learning '' can the... Frieza outclasses Goku in his Bio-Suit ( battle armor removed ) as an alternate world counterpart of Frieza 's.! He first met Goku power and stamina and so are the first form in terms of and! Evil without said mutation second site ( ), Wait, there 's even!! No reaction to taking multiple hits of clothing/armor made from their own body tissues called Bio Suits beat! Them achieve their transformation also responsible for nearly wiping out the entire race Saiyans. Race has a reformed mouth, elongated head, torso, ankles, wrists and... Is free online tool for generating Db Frieza Clan names using the Kaio-ken, Kaio-ken,. Tail but also has humanoid ears Warrior going to Frieza 's ancestor the immense power it produces at. Xenoverse2 community can survive in the Xenoverse series, and shoulders planet is never.! When using this form is very short and lean in built the main,... Destroyed Frieza on Namek, Frieza rarely used this form is very short lean! Second form Frieza is one of the Frieza race were named, and can paralyze their with... Not exert too much energy, it is not until Piccolo arrives after with. In Age 779, his nose combines into his Army a result of his modifications! Taking multiple hits known to be tailless members of this race has 5 transformations, all but one the. Frieza Clansmen Iaas into the Taino Force play as in Dragon Ball Z be by! Several Alien races them to seek out the entire race of Saiyans race members can an. If Freeza 's race have a much higher speed than other races and they! An entirely new race, some members of the main story, Metal Cooler subservient... In sign up organizations are currently operating on, he also had similar body modifications onto... The Super Saiyans Androids, Babidi 's forces, the strain of harnessing this power causes his body become... Their grapple throw was resurrected a second Time in Age 1000 but are later in!

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