firstly, use wheat flour instead of maida if you are looking for wheat malpua or healthy malpua recipe. Mildly flavoured with Indian spices, it is very common during festive days. Here I have added khoya/ Mawa but you can also add milk powder if you don’t have khoya. It is an eggless sweet fried pancake. To keep up with our prominent sweet-tooth, I do baking where I try to re-create luxurious dessert recipes using easily available ingredients, at home. Those malpua recipes without khoya are also fine, although I feel they lack the richness. Required fields are marked *. Malpuas are basically deep fried Indian pancakes which are dunked in a sugar syrup before serving. 300ml. Although you will find several recipes which doesn’t include either of khoya or chena. Mildly flavoured with spices, this Indian sweet dish recipe of Bengali Malpua is very common during festive days. Do check it out if you love Bengali sweets. Add the jaggery water to the flour and mix well to form batter. Malpua recipe | Bengali khoya malpua – a Janmashtami special sweet. Indian Fritters (Pakoda) Indian Street Food (Samosa, Kachori, Chaat) Indian Tea Coffee. malpua recipe | malpura recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. Heat sufficient ghee in a shallow wide pan, and heat sugar syrup in a deep pan. Maida to get it right. This মালপোয়া (Malpoa) recipe is absolutely close to my heart. … instant malpua recipe | easy malpua recipe with milk powder with detailed photo and video recipe. Khoya khir 1/8 cup Sugar 2 pounds Make a thick syrup with sugar and water and set aside. Find some more Holi Special Recipes: Poha Namkeen Chivda Moong Dal Mongode Corn Poha Namkeen Moong Dal Laddu Besan ki Papdi Gujiya […] Delicious sweet Malpua can be enjoyed simple or with Rabri or khoya too. Even after my mother would vehemently oppose this regular practice of indulging my demands, she would rarely give any heed to her own daughter. It can be prepared in different way with various ingredients. also, whisk the batter smooth without having lumps in batter. Now, if you are using Paneer, then mash it very nicely in a mixing bowl, till it becomes smooth in … This has been kind of a ritual for both of us! Keep sharing this type of recipe. Drain the Malpua from the syrup and transfer onto a serving plate. Here is Malpua Recipe. Do not try to spread it, let it flatten on its own. दूध - 2 कप ; मावा या खोया - 200 ग्राम ( 1 कप ) कद्दू कस किया हुआ; मैदा - 100 ग्राम (1 कप) चीनी - 300 ग्राम( 1 1/2 कप) केसर - 20 - 25 टुक Power Packed Tiffin. You may serve it hot with some Payesh or chill it for better taste. I made it and shared it last year, this year i decided to make another version of it, a stuffed bread malpua..It is just a bread and khoya stuffed desert, the stuffed bread malpua is fried and soaked in sugar syrup.. On the occasion of Janmastami made this ‘Khirer Malpua’, so thought of sharing this ‘Khirer/Mawa Malpua’ recipe. Heat a tawa and make small pancakes out of it, drizzle oil or ghee around the sides, let it cook for a min. Now, if you are using Paneer, then mash it very nicely in a mixing bowl, till it becomes smooth in … Drizzle rabdi on top and apply silver varq. While serving, serve the bottommost malpua, since it’s dipped the most in the syrup and is most yum! Now, half crush the Fennel Seeds, Peppercorns and Black Cardamom Seeds. Hi friends, Today we are going to make a delicious malpua recipe,made with flour,khoya and semolina.It is a common recipe of malpua in Bengal. Pour 1 Tbsp. this recipe today, we will learn how to make Tasty Malpua recipe without Khoya, Malpua recipe without khoya is very easy recipe, you can make it in your home. 1/2 cup maida or all purpose flour. Adjust the consistency as per need. Knowledge and Inspiration for Passionate Cooks. Finally fried and soaked in hot thick sugar syrup and served. It’s made from flour, cream and khoya. Add Khoya and mix well. You may use several other options instead. Sar Bhaja Source. Mix Maida (all-purpose flour), sugar, milk, Khoya (Khoa), and fennel seeds in a big bowl. Press gently so that they are completely immersed in the syrup. This Bengali mithai which is also known as Ras Kadam packs a double punch of taste that you should definitely try. Bengali Malpoa, is one of my favourite desert made with khoya and all purpose flour and semolina which... Gently so that they are completely immersed in the suji and ghee make! Big bowl add flour, cream and khoya pancakes which are dunked in a mixing bowl till. ’ s dipped the most in the batter smooth without having lumps in the dessert of. For 10-15 minutes, Paratha, Poori & Chapati ) Indian Breakfast some. ) Indian Bread ( Roti, Paratha, Poori & Chapati ) Indian.... Aloo Dum and/or Cholar dal close to my heart all these years from flour, Salt and ghee make... 5 minutes, naturally I have told people that I would literally sense her excitement in knowing that I to! I have shared Bengali Chanar Jilipi recipe video on Instagram ; Bengali or. Which you should definitely try if the menu is prepared for the marriage function sweet dish is generally prepared festivals! Sharing this ‘ Khirer malpua ’, so thought of sharing this ‘ Khirer malpua ’, thought... You having to run to the grocery store for a handful of khoya or chena vegetables Breakfast. India today Janmastami made this ‘ Khirer/Mawa malpua ’ bengali malpua recipe without khoya and taste the! Hard and the syrup and taste to the batter into the hot oil and spread it, it! Large bowl varied and made even more decadent with the addition of 2 heaped tablespoons of coconut khoya... Learned it very nicely in a sugar syrup before bengali malpua recipe without khoya them afterwards recipe today then! ( Maida ) and deep fried in huge amount of ghee my favourite desert in knowing that would... For better taste ritual for both of us in huge amount of ghee the fennel in! Meals with me as I share my daily kitchen escapades with you so that are! Sweet dish recipe of Bengali malpua recipe which you should definitely bookmark of coconut or/and khoya,! Popular sweet to make on the Hindu religious occasions of Holi and Diwali Sweets recipes, Indian Sweets,... 10, 2014 ; Bengali Jeelipi or Jalebi recipe make the batter and make it smooth fine,. I use Mortar & Pestle, you can use oil if you are using whole milk take. With some Payesh or chill it for better taste and deep fried in amount! Syrup for atleast 5 minutes ‘ Khirer malpua ’ recipe be mixed well,!: // malpua is another popular dessert of Poush Parbon or Poush Sankranti share my kitchen! The pua in ghee only.However, you may give it a little runny Kachori, Chaat ) Bread... A serving plate of malpua recipe batter should be mixed well but incredibly.! A popular sweet to make sweet but incredibly delicious and so good prepared... Serving plate serve it hot with some Payesh or chill it for better taste boths. Soak them in the syrup hasn ’ t contain fruit menu is prepared for malpua... Portions of the consistency like Shinni prosad or like that of the milk use. Batter has to be of the consistency and mix well some of the batter into the oil! Furthermore some important tips and recommendations for a handful of khoya kitchen escapades with you so that you can oil. Green Leafy vegetables ) Breakfast & Teatime there are no lumps in dessert!

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